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For those warriors, warfighters and service men and women of our country, you must demand that your compression socks be LEGENDARY. Our Unisex LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks provide the perfect over-the-calf support and comfort to improve your performance as you honor our country around the world. Our popular compression performance socks are designed for all high impact activities to enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, Achilles, calf and arch of the foot. Our unique Graduated Compression Technology improves blood flow & oxygen levels so you to can run stronger, train harder and recover faster. Proudly Made in the USA.



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LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks

LEGEND® Compression Performance socks are designed for all high impact activities to enhance power and endurance while supporting the shin, ankle, achilles, calf and arch of the foot. The product design and manufacturing process of our sports compression socks make them among the best performing socks on the planet. These compression socks were developed through extensive research in the compression industry, and meet the demands of the tough jobs that our warriors, warfighters and service men and women perform everyday. These socks are unique because they implement design aspects that our LEGEND® team pulled from its years of experience with medical grade compression hosiery. By applying those medical learnings to our Compression Performance Socks, we were able to create a graduated compression product that we believe is the best on the market. Featuring 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression it provides everything you need to perform at your best.

Government Specific Information

Capability Statement

DUNS: 061212609
NAICS Codes: 315110, 339113, 424320, 424330


  • 15-20 mmHg graduated compression elastic therapy for improved performance
  • Maximum calf protection
  • Compression Performance socks for all sports, training and activities
  • Greater power output
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Faster Muscle Warm Up Pre-exercise
  • Increase oxygen levels and blood circulation
  • Faster recovery time
  • Seamless toe and terry sole construction
  • Promotes circulation for muscle performance
  • Reduction of lactic acid through compression hosiery
  • Improve muscle support and injury prevention
  • UV protection
  • Moisture wicking
  • Achilles and arch support
  • Open ventilation and breathable design for comfort

KEY CONSTRUCTION ATTRIBUTES (from the toe to the top of the sock):

  • Seamless & terry cushion toe and foot that expands for ultimate comfort
  • Open stitch at the foot for breathability
  • 3 x 1 patterned arch support (clencher) that also holds sock in place and prevents blisters
  • Open stitch between arch and heel that loosens on in-step
  • 2 x 1 stitch in heel provides maximum support
  • Cushion at the achilles provides critical support to reduce injury
  • The poly-grey yarns wick moisture away from foot for increase comfort
  • 1 x 1 alternate open stitch at the calf for breathability
  • 3 x 1 ribbed select elastic pattern along leg for compression and style
  • Welt at top of sock is a 1 x 1 stitch to hold sock to leg
  • Spandex for premium stretch and comfort


Key Benefits Expanded:

Greater Power Output & Increased Endurance: By stabilizing the lower leg muscles and promoting proper blood circulation these socks are designed to propel you to stronger performance. The 15-20 mmHg level of graduated compression provides the right amount of support for your legs to perform at their best!

Decreased Shin Splints and Calf Cramps: Graduated compression is designed to improve blood flow and decrease lactic acid build up, decreasing your chances for calf cramps. Also through increased muscle stabilization and a firm fit, you will find your shin splints going away.

Improved Recovery Time: By using our Compression Performance Socks, you will find that your time needed to recover between strenuous activity becomes shorter. By promoting proper blood circulation through graduated compression these socks will alleviate swelling, tiredness and general achyness that normally finds men and women post hard exercise.

Dry and Comfortable: Designed on a 168 needle machine with polypropeline, nylon, and spandex, these Compression Performance Socks are the ultimate in moisture wicking comfort. With a breathable open stitch design over the calf and an overarching quality of fabric, you will find your legs feeling cool and comfortable during your exercise! Also key to comfort is the incorporation of our “arch clencher” that holds the sock in place while also partially alleviating plantar fasciitis.

What makes LEGEND the best choice?

1. Medical Design Characteristics: With many different athletic compression socks on the market, the LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks set themselves apart through the unique design characteristics brought in through our background in medical compression therapy. This allows runners, triathletes, cyclers, and all athletes alike to realize the greatest performance benefits of any compression sock in the world.
2. Quality Assurance: Being Manufactured in the USA, our LEGEND® Compression Performance Socks, along with our other government approved products, are subject to the highest level of quality assurance that you will find on the market. By adhering to more strict international quality guidelines, along with our own LEGENDARY standards, we guarantee these socks will not disappoint.

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  1. S. Wendt

    I have tried the socks, they are very comfortable. It was questionable if the XL size would fit my size 16 shoe, but the fit is very nice and were helpful in controlling my constant swelling after surgery.

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