Tired of heel pain bothering you during or after high impact activities such as running? We have the plantar fasciitis pain relief you’ve been looking for…LEGEND® Compression Foot Sleeves. Our plantar fasciitis compression sleeves are designed for runners and Ruck Runs often carried out by the Military and Law Enforcement. Discover how our sleeves relieve chronic heel, arch and foot pain.

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LEGEND® Compression Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve: Relieves Heel and Foot Pain


30 – 40 mmHg Firm Graduated Compression; Unisex

Proudly Made in the USA

LEGEND® Compression Foot Sleeves relieve chronic heel, arch and foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis. The progressive pressure design improves blood flow, promotes healing and reduces swelling in the feet. They help prevent injury by stabilizing & supporting the ankle and achilles tendon. Designed for runners (Ruck Runs), athletes, long distance walking, high-impact activities and especially those who are on their feet all day. The open-toe design can be worn alone or under your socks. Super comfortable and often worn daily and while running to help PREVENT injury and pain, making them the best socks for plantar fasciitis. Check our Size Chart for proper fit. Sizes : S, M, L, XL.

Top choice by Military & Law Enforcement


Made in the USA, Moisture Wicking, Supporting Jobs for the Blind, Field Tested

Color: Black